3.5 ‘Very’ Pistol / Signal Gun

Typical heckler & koch signal gun

Typical signal gun by Heckler & Koch

One of the most basic methods of igniting a flare is through the use of a hand held ‘Very’ pistol or signal flare gun.  Lighting a flare using such methods, although common place following the decommissioning of a dysfunctional ignition system, relies upon operator competence, weather conditions and a combustible mix being present at the flare tip.

When used in conjunction with continuous pilot burners, this method of ignition maybe considered acceptable as the use is likely to be limited to start up operations.  It should be noted that the operator is likely to require fire arms training and a gun licence.

Further consideration must be made to the type of cartridges used, the best colours to use being white or green as opposed to red which would indicate an emergency situation and the need for immediate assistance

Suppliers of these types of gun and the associated cartridges are easily found on the Internet (Argo do not offer them). Check the range and specification before purchasing. Heckler and Koch are well known manufacturer.