2.5 Vent Tips / Cold Flares

Two Pipe Vent Tips

Two pipe vent tips

Our vent tips or “cold flares” typically operate at pressures up to 6.0 barg, and provide a reliable method of high and low pressure gas disposal.  They provide the operator with a robust and reliable tip that will disperse vent gases safely and efficiently.

Vent Tip Materials

The material selection for a vent tip is not as critical as it is for a flare tip hence materials used are typically carbon steel, 304L and 316L SS.

Vent Tip Technology

Most vent tips are of the single point variety whether low pressure sub-sonic or high pressure sonic.  For applications with higher flow rates or more stringent dispersion criterion multi point sonic pipe vents or Coanda vent tips can be used.


Some additional equipment can be supplied with our vent tips for client convenience.

  • A CO2 snuffing system is sometimes included to extinguish the flame should the vent gas ignite.  The operator will monitor the gas flow as it diminishes to a predetermined value and then send the first shot of CO2 and if necessary a second or third shot from skid mounted CO2 cylinders
  • Thermocouple flame / temperature detectors for mounting on the vent tip or in the vicinity of the vent tip

Dispersion Analysis

Where requested our vent tips are supplied with a process study that incorporates dispersion plots depicting contours of importance to the particular project.  These may include gas LEL (lower explosive limit or flammability limit) or a percentage of it.  These may also include ppm threshold limits of a toxic component of the gas such as H2S.