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There are many different flare types and designs ranging from the basic “utility flare” otherwise known as a “pipe flare” through to the high technology flares such as the “Coanda flare”, which self inspirate large amounts of air to provide a relatively clean burn.

Between the pipe flares and Coanda flares there is an assortment of self inspirating flares, including amongst others single point sonic flares, vane type flares and multipoint sonic flares.  These self-inspirating flare types are most commonly found in the upstream sector, where the provision and availability of a flare support medium is limited.

Downstream, where utilities are often readily available and the flare gas composition varies more widely, “assist gas flares” are commonly found. The assist gas used to provide a cleaner burn can be “forced air” (blower type), steam or a hydrocarbon stream to enrich the flare gas.

The “ins and outs” of flare systems are discussed further within this “Research Area”.  Please feel free to browse through the various sections, or alternatively enter your search term.


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