North Sea flare tower taken pre Fly-by inspection

Argo Flare Services have a particular strength in flare inspections, with two of our engineers having a combined experience of close to 60 years inspecting flares offshore.  Over this period, they have also undertaken a vast number of workshop inspections of both new and removed flares.

Based upon this experience we support our clients with a number of inspection and service support options:

Onshore and Offshore Flare Inspections

Close Visual Inspections (CVI) are undertaken both offshore and onshore.  Involvement with the site inspection/integrity personnel is actively encouraged. Normally there is no necessity for DPI or other NDE and, once access is gained to the flare platform an inspection will generally take between one and three hours depending on the complexity of the flare(s) involved.  A fully detailed report is supplied covering condition, recommendations and best estimate of remaining service life.  Visit our onshore and offshore flare inspection pages for further information.

Flare Aerial Inspection Surveys

For over 20 years (from conventional film through to very high definition digital format) the staff at Argo Flares have been reviewing photographs of client’s flares and producing reports similar to those of our CVI reports. Our “Flyby” service provides an excellent way of defining a work scope for a forthcoming TAR or maintenance shutdown (as part of a planned inspection routine) or for flare condition monitoring when a known problem exists. All this is performed without the need for a plant outage.  Visit our flare aerial inspection survey page for more details.

Workshop Inspections

Following our recommendation, and subsequent agreement with a client that a flare is likely to be suitable for economic refurbishment, a full workshop inspection can be undertaken to define the detailed scope of work required.  Typically this inspection would follow removal of any seriously damaged and unusable portions of the flare (normally the upper regions) with the likely refurbishable portions then being shot blasted and cleaned.  Inspection would involve full NDE (typically 100% DPI and radiography as agreed with the client) in addition to the full visual inspection based upon our extensive experience.  Flare failure analysis may be undertaken or initiated during the workshop inspection. Visit our flare workshop inspection page for further information.

Flare Decks

Many of our clients are rightly concerned about the condition of their flare deck radiation shielding, riser support trunnions, deck structural members, handrails and the like in addition to the flare condition.  For these clients we request additional photographs during a Flyby inspection to cover the boom or tower as well as the flare deck and shielding for review by the client’s structural engineers.  Alternatively this can be undertaken during a flare CVI using the platform’s abseiling team.

Site Commissioning and Installation Support

We offer full technical support during installation followed by a full commissioning service, including flare ignition systems. For more information, or to discuss your requirements please contact us.