What is the typical lead time for the supply of a flare tip?

This is very much dependant upon the complexity of the flare tip design and the materials of construction used.

For a simple pipe flare manufactured in ‘basic’ materials, i.e. stainless steels, the standard delivery would normally be in the region of 14 weeks, but in higher alloy materials this could extend to as much as 26 weeks.

For a small basic Coanda flare manufactured in ‘basic’ materials the standard delivery would be in the region of 20 weeks but for a large and complex Coanda flare manufactured in higher alloy materials the delivery could be up to 40 weeks.

However we at Argo Flares will always do our utmost to assist any operator who needs a flare on an urgent ‘non-standard’ delivery. We have a proven track record in supplying flares on a ‘fast track’ basis – please contact for your urgent requirements.