Argo Flare Suppliers

New Flare Ready for Delivery

New flare being packed for delivery

Among our many suppliers, Argo Flare Services employ specialist fabricators that refurbish and manufacture the majority of our flares.  These companies are well known and well regarded within the industry as being expert in the fabrication of high temperature alloy equipment.  Argo Flare Services’ relationships with these fabricators has been forged over many years such that expedited and fast track deliveries can often be accomodated for our clients when required.

Argo also have access to an experienced metallurgist who has extensive knowledge of the high temperature resistant alloys that are used in the fabrication of flare tips.  This excellent knowledge of “flare metallurgy”  coupled with first hand understanding of the harsh operating envelope for the equipment has enabled Argo Flare Services to provide solutions to clients where more traditional flare materials have failed to live upto expectation.