Argo Flare Services

Fitting a New Flare

Preparing a Refurbished Flare

Argo Flare Services Ltd offers a unique approach to supporting the oil and gas industry with the design, supply and operation of flare systems both onshore and offshore. Our focus is to provide a service dedicated to helping operators meet low operational and maintenance costs together with reduced environmental impact.

As well as total flare system design and supply, Argo provides installation, commissioning, inspection, maintenance and flare refurbishment services. From concept to completion and throughout the operational life of the flare system, Argo Flares will be with you every step of the way.

For a full description of the supply and services available visit our Flare System Design pages or download our Flare System Design brochure (PDF 62KB).

Argo’s service and supply schedule is outlined below. Information on the types of flares and ignition systems available from Argo is also provided, as are dedicated pages on our web site describing the use and function of each. Accompanying the descriptions are outline drawings, photos, references and in some case studies.

Scope of Supply and Services


  • Flare Refurbishment (any OEM)
  • Sonic Flares
  • Multi Point Sonic Pipe Flares
  • Single Point Sonic Pipe Flares
  • Coanda Flares
  • Subsonic Pipe Flares
  • Vent Tips and Cold Flares
  • Flare Ignition Systems – FFG
  • Flare Ignition Systems – High Energy
  • Flare Ignition Systems – High Tension
  • Flare Ignition Systems – Pellet / Ballistic
  • Flare Pilots
  • Flare Decks
  • Flare Rentals

  • Offshore Flare Inspections (CVI)
  • Onshore Flare Inspections (CVI)
  • Workshop Flare Inspections
  • Flare Aerial Inspection Surveys
  • Flare Crisis Management
  • Flare System Design
  • Flare System Installation Supervision
  • Flare System Commissioning
  • Flare Maintenance Planning
  • Flare Spares
  • Flare Failure Analysis
  • Flare System Hydraulic Analysis
  • Flare System Design Review
  • Flare CFD Analysis

Use Argo to optimise the design of a new flare system in order to reduce capital expenditure and operating costs.

Use Argo to optimise the design of an existing flare system in order to increase safety when debottlenecking.

Use Argo to provide lifetime operational support including flare photographic surveys, design studies, close visual inspection and spares provision.